Smoke Show BBQ Rub 125 ml


Originally conceived as a salmon rub, our Smoke Show BBQ Rub is the best thing to happen to chicken since, well, since BACON!

A tasty blend of smokey applewood and sweetness, Smoke Show has become our go to seasoning for chicken in The Garage.

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Dehydrated vegetables (red bell pepper, onion, garlic), sugar, salt, applewood flavour, smoke flavour, spices (contains mustard).

calories 281.6 kcal/100g
fat 2.9%
trans fat 0.0%
carbohydrates 63.8%
sugars 34.9%
fibre 10.0%
protein 6.7%
sodium 7591.1 mg/100g
potassium 452.9 mg/100g

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 14 x 5 x 5 cm


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