Change Lanes Jerk Rub 200 ml


Is there anything more infuriating than that jerk driver who just won’t get out of the left lane? Why not just change lanes and slip into an island vibe?

Our Change Lanes Jerk Rub can be applied dry, or mixed with liquid to make a marinade. There is no salt added to this one, so if you prefer your jerk a bit more salty, feel free to add what you like.

Change Lanes Jerk is perfect for tender chicken, on fresh coco bread and topped with a zingy slaw.


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Dextrose, dehydrated onion, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, flavour.


calories 339.4 kcal/100g
fat 3.2%
saturated fat 0.9%
trans fat 0.0%
cholesterol 0.0mg/100g
carbohydrates 77.5%
sugars 33.7%
fibre 18.3%
protein 6.9%
sodium 31.3 mg/100g
potassium 560.7 mg/100g
calcium 305.2 mg/100g
iron 9.6 mg/100g
vitamin A 692.4 RE/100g
vitamin C 20.7 mg/100g



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